[Webinar] How to Create High-Converting App Previews?

Part 1 - App Preview Video - Best Practices by Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin (1:40 - 26:40)

Part 2 - Video Performance and A/B Testing by Anton Tatarinovich, SplitMetrics (27:00 - 46:01)

Claim your Ultimate App Previews Pack - 3 app previews and unlimited A/B testing plan - here.

For any questions, drop us a line at anton@splitmetrics.com.

Paula Lehto
8 months agoJanuary 11, 2019
Hi, Thank you for the good webinar! Unfortunately this link did not work: https://splitmetrics-searchadshq.wistia.com/medias/go.splitmetrics.com/apptamin
Could you please send me the information (or a functioning link) by email: paula.lehto@musopia.net, cheers,Paula
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